Realtime Cebu Photos

We have been doing various support activities to help our Filipino friends who have lost their jobs or having difficulties earning funds due to the Corona disaster. 
 Many of our friends in Cebu send us photos and videos of small events around them and their family businesses on a daily basis, because they want people like us who are not possible to come to Cebu due to border lockdown, to enjoy Cebu through photos and videos.
  Therefore we have been posting it in a private Facebook group. and also we give them an monthly award to the person who earned highest number of “Likes”. 
  This web site is used for introducing photos and articles that are given from them.
Please click on the image. This is a real-time feed of daily life and small events that are happening right now in Cebu Mactan Island.
Please click on the picture. We are sending the monthly MVP award to the Filipino who has sent us photos in Cebu and has the highest number of likes.