Budget Trip to Dumaguete and Siquijor from Cebu


Day 1

Transportation: From Cebu to Dumaguete

  • [BUS] From Cebu South Bus Terminal to Bato Port, 329 pesos
  • [Ferry Boat] From Bato Port to Tampi, 120 pesos
  • [BUS] From Tampi to Dumaguete, 47 pesos
  • Total Amount: 496 Pesos
-very long trip and bumpy for bus from cebu city to port (only one stop)
-bring foods on the way
-cebu port to DGT (short and smooth)

BUS: From Cebu South BUS Terminal to Bato port

Cebu South BUS Terminal
Inside BUS to Bato Port
Our tour reporters 🙂

Ferry: From Bato Port to Tampi (Negros Island)

Bato Port
Ferry to Dumaguete

BUS: From Tampi to Dumaguete

Stay at: Antwet Backpackers Hostel and Rooftop Bar

Antwet Backpackers Hostel
Antwet Backpackers Hostel
Antwet Backpackers Hostel

Day 2


Painitan sa DGT

Famous place where tourist try their “painitan”: a place/shop where people take their early morning Coffee or “Sikwati” (hot drink made with pure cocoa) paired with either Bread or “puto” (glutinous rice + coconut milk)

Best to partner
・Puto + Sikwati
・Coffee + Bread

very delicious and affordable 🙂

Tempura Challenge

Bossing Tempura – Famous Original Tempura Vendor known for their Hot sauce Challenge from level 1-5
Level 1 -Sweet (kids can dip),
Level 2- mild spicy,
Level 3-moderate Spicy,
Level 4- extra hot,
Level 5- Extremely spicy

challenging and affordable too

Siliman University

very big and it’s nice to stroll around


nice to stroll around on night time
(If afternoon very hot ☀️)

Tierra Alta light house

good place for photos and sight seeing

Sulfur Vents

Sulfur Vents or Smokey mountain- a famous tourist spot in DGT.

Unique experience of a smokey mountain (the only one in PH)
But just beside the road so it’s hard to take photos with cars passing, and be careful of cars

Red rock falls

not good for swimming because the water look muddy, just for photos specially when the rocks appears color red.
-far from the city not recommended if your travelling via motorcycle or tricycle (only well ventilated means of transportation)

Night Diving & Sunset Dive

  • Dive Service Name: Apo Scuba Diving
  • Web Site: https://www.aposcuba.com.ph
  • Type of Diving: Sunset & Night Diving
  • Price: 1500 pesos per dive
  • Dive Site: Silver Reef & nudi spot
  • Pickup Service: +500 pesos (pick up from DGT-Dauin roundtrip)
Amazing Reef

Stay at: Antwet Backpackers Hostel and Rooftop Bar

very affordable and clean good for backpackers and group travelers
Antwet Backpackers Hostel
Antwet Backpackers Hostel
Antwet Backpackers Hostel

Day 3.4

Transportation Dumaguete → Siquijor

  • [Tricycle] From Dumaguete (hotel) to Dumaguete Seaport, 20 pesos
  • [Ferry] From Dumaguete Seaport to Montenegro port Siquijor, 249 pesos
Short and smooth trip

Acitivity – VAN Tour of Siquijor

  • Tour Operator Name: 
  • Duration of the Tour: Whole Day
  • Price: 1000 pesos
  • Pickup: Pick up from Montenegro port arrival area
  • Drop off: Larena port (Depends on customer demand)
Very convenient and you get to travel all destination on specific time frame

Van Tour Itinerary

  1. welcome to siquijor
  2. Saint Francis de assisi church
  3. I love Siquijor
  4. Paliton Beach
  5. Kapilay Spring Park
  6. Enchanted old balete tree
  7. San Esedro old church
  8. San Esedro convent
  9. Cambugahay falls
  10. Manmade forest
  11. Salagdoong beach
  12. Cang esok old house
  13. Pan de bisaya
  14. Smile talingting
  15. Broom shot challenge

Cambuhagay Falls

Amazing falls and activities
135 steps down so going back is a challenge and tiring

Fish spa (known as Doctor Fish)

very relaxing

Paliton Beach

amazing white sand and many activities good for photos


Unique experience

Fish spa (known as Doctor Fish)

Fish spa (known as Doctor Fish)

Overnight Transportation

  • [Ferry] From Larena Port to Cebu Pier 1, 770 pesos

Ferry: From Larena Port to Cebu Pier 1

ery long trip took 9 hrs because it has one stop in Bohol
-not recommended when your saving time
-tourist cabin is good if you plan to rest on the trip, well ventilated

Photos from Dumaguete

Photos from Siquijor